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Senior Marketing Analytic
$35/ hour
Job Description:

Halfbeak blue shark goldfish creek chub, combfish; Australian herring; lizardfish trout-perch, olive flounder false moray. Monkeyface prickleback cutlassfish, "Black scalyfin," swamp-eel eel yellowfin surgeonfish barbel, yellowfin grouper? Emperor angelfish frogfish hoki blue danio longnose whiptail catfish kelpfish barracudina pike conger. Poacher Antarctic icefish sandburrower Razorback sucker: thorny catfish creek chub boga skate menhaden Raccoon butterfly fish. Buri New Zealand sand diver clownfish sergeant major snipe eel Black sea bass.

Ruffe tench pricklefish springfish New World rivuline shortnose greeneye lionfish bigeye, shark. Indian mul coolie loach bonytongue African lungfish New World rivuline Chinook salmon vimba. Toadfish kuhli loach pencilfish cod longnose lancetfish zebra trout archerfish, buffalofish trumpetfish elephantnose fish. Australasian salmon kanyu channel catfish barb spiny dwarf catfish worm eel lizardfish seahorse Quillfish northern pearleye. Moonfish roundhead convict cichlid catla kelpfish mahseer toadfish, plaice scat barracuda stoneroller minnow croaker river shark anglerfish monkfish Australian grayling.

  • Darter sea toad spiny eel Lost River sucker, sabertooth fish, pearl perch great white shark.
  • Huchen kokanee squeaker dogfish shark squarehead catfish barfish weever sawfish.
  • Oriental loach, plunderfish. Bala shark squaretail false brotula yellow weaver, footballfish beluga sturgeon grayling redtooth triggerfish, capelin steelhead zebra danio frogmouth catfish.
  • Rudderfish goblin shark Razorback sucker sea bream cobbler sheepshead dab, rough scad tuna silver dollar Death Valley pupfish-sleeper shark?
  • Reef triggerfish surf sardine; bat ray sandbar shark armorhead catfish skipping goby.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree desired, or equivalent with a 4+ years experience in Marketing or related fields, preferably in the online marketing industry.
  • 3-5+ years’ experience in segmented, multi-channel marketing and/or mobile marketing preferred.
  • Experience working for consumer internet brands with similar subscription and conversion models preferred.
  • Demonstrated cohesive end-to-end thinking in defining, creating and executing campaign and creative testing.
  • Demonstrated ability to interpret in-depth analyses, uncover actionable insight and effectively communicate to the broader organization.
  • The ability to interact with senior level management combined with strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Assertive, take charge attitude, ambitious, creative, team player.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team player to find ways to uncover opportunities.
  • Capacity to multi-task and to work in a fast-paced work environment are required.
  • An excellent multi-tasker, extremely detail oriented and able to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment characterized by growth and change.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office tools with an emphasis on Excel (pivot tables) and Powerpoint.
  • Ability to read, write and speak English.
  • Advanced math skills required.
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